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Dear Alumi,


My name is Jodi Rollins (Formerly Jodi Robinson) I grew up in Walnut Hills just off of Arapahoe Road in what is now know as Centennial.  I graduated in 1989 from Creek and have attended all of the reunions.  - The 10 and 20 year reunions- Now it is time for our 30 year surprisingly!  I heard that nobody was planning our 30th.  So I decided to try.  I am an event producer so this is my forte. This a bit different however because I sell my events through sponsorships.  This event will -if possible- be financially fronted by my company if I can make it work. While I am doing this for school spirit and class of '89 support, I will be taking a percentage and want to up front about that.   I can't make any promises until we see how many alumni want to attend.  I can tell you I am trying to make this happen.  If it all works out I will need some volunteers to help set up, run the event and help out with local concerns.  I live in Southern CA and will be flying in just for this.  I am aiming for the date of August 31st. Please help by joining our email mailing list if you have not already so that we may get a count of possible attendees.  Please help by spreading the word and telling your non-social media class of 89 friends so that we can get a huge turn-out. If you  have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns please feel free to email me. I am happy to hear from you! 

We were all incredibly lucky to get an education at this top notch school, let's celebrate it!

-All the best, 

Jodi Rollins,  Class of '89

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